Works/Production 600 TT2 part 2

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Tony Rutter with the F2 machine that the factory gave to Tony-Rutter-Racing. Photographed outside the "Ducati-Raceshop". Here photographed in the "Ducati-Raceshop" Tony with Franco Farnč 600 cc motor for the TT 1983, air cooled clutch, magnesium cases, timed at 146 mph This engine was loan from the Ducati factory to Tony-Rutter-Racing
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Tony Rutter's F2 Racer 1984 in Brno (CZ) Rutter 1981 at the Ulster GP. A second place was good enough to win the TT F2 Worldchampionship in this year. Tony in Vila Real, Portugal 1983. One of the very first original 500 cc Pantah racers 1981. Note the standard frame.
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Tony Rutter and his winning Pantah 1981 in the TT F2 Race on the Isle of Man  The 1981 Machine being prepared for George Fogarty (Father of Carl Fogarty) for the TT F2 Race 1982,
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600 TT2 Worksracer, Milano exhibition 1981, Fotos Weka Del Piano riding the TT2
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The ex Rainer Nagel TT2 from 1982, with this bike he took second place in the worldchampionship behind Tony Rutter. The weight was about 112 kg! Photos CC
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Photos CC A very original Production-TT2 of 1983, photos BE
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The first Pantah-racers in 1980 for the italian TT2-class Massimo Broccoli in action Franco Farnč working on the works-racers Sauro Pazzaglia on TT2,
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Photos of a factory-TT2 of 1982

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