Works/Production 750 TT1/Endurance

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Works TT1 Model 1984 Tony Rutter 1984 Walter Villa's TT1-Endurande-Racer 1984 TT1, WDW 1998
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Marco Lucchinelli 1985 in Daytona (US), he finished on the second place A dream in red and blue, photo WW Photo WW


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Several works 750 TT1 Tony Rutters Ducati at the TT F1 Race in Assen 1984, Photo Weka Tony 1983 in the TT F1 Race on the Isle of Man. He took the third place behind two works Hondas, ridden by Joey Dunlop and Roger Marshall. Photo PS
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Revised Production-TT1 of the year 1983
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Revised Production-TT1 of the year 1983 A 750 cc engine being built in the "Ducati-Raceshop" for Tony Rutter,
photo PS
Walter Villa A production 750 TT1. The riders Grau, Garriga and Reyes could win in the 24 hours of Barcelona in 1984.
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  The works racing team 1984 in front of the factory in Bologna Oscar La Ferla on his TT1 in Misano, June 1983
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