Streetbikes with Ducati Pantah-engine

The history of the Ducati 600 TT2

The history of the Ducati 750 TT1 und F1 racing

Technical data of the street- and racing-Pantahs

Great succeses in racing

The history of Verlicchi

Ing. Dr. Taglioni with one of the first TT2-frames


Walter Cussigh  
Franco Farnč  

Manfred Fischer

Werner Kaiser
Margret Lingen
Marco Lucchinelli
Rainer Nagel
Trevor Nation
Dieter Pasch

Giuliano Pedretti

Dieter Rechtenbach

Tony Rutter

Pat Slinn
Ing. Dr. Fabio Taglioni
Rainer Vossen
Steve Wynne

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